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Chiplet Pioneer Eliyan Joins UCIe and JEDEC Industry Standardization Organizations, Expands Veteran Leadership Team to Accelerate Adoption of Breakthrough Die-to-Die Interconnect Solution

SANTA CLARA, Calif. – January 24, 2023 – Eliyan Corporation, credited for the invention of the semiconductor industry’s highest-performance and most efficient chiplet interconnect, today announced it has joined two key industry standardization efforts, bringing its expertise to enable more universal and cost-effective methods for implementing die-to-die interconnect in heterogenous single packaged systems. Eliyan will have representatives on both the influential Universal Chiplet Interconnect Express (UCIe) and JEDEC Solid State Technology Association standards groups, adding deep technical insights, production proven technology, and experience in evolving semiconductor industry standards to both organizations.

To support its commercial growth and stepped-up involvement in industry initiatives, Eliyan also announced the addition of two veteran semiconductor industry executives, Kevin Donnelly and Farhad Tabrizi, to its growing leadership team.

Eliyan will be represented at the inaugural Chiplet Summit on January 24-26, 2023 in San Jose, Calif. This includes executives participating on four panel discussions exploring the current state and future of die-to-die interconnect technologies.

Eliyan’s founding CEO Ramin Farjadrad is the inventor of the innovative and proven Bunch of Wires (BoW) standard, which has already been adopted by the Open Compute Project (OCP). In addition, Eliyan’s current offering, the NuLink™ PHY, is compatible with UCIe as well as High Bandwidth Memory (HBM) protocols. The NuLink PHY product can be implemented in organic substrate packaging, and has proven to achieve similar bandwidth, power efficiency, and latency as die-to-die implementations using advanced packaging technologies, but without the drawbacks of specialized approaches. Farjadrad’s experience also includes pioneering work in creating connectivity technologies such as PAM4 SerDes, Multi-Gbps Enterprise Ethernet, and Multi-Gbps Automotive Ethernet that were eventually adopted as IEEE Standards.

“Eliyan has deep roots in driving standards-based approaches to solving difficult technical challenges, including our work with OCP, prior to the formation of UCIe, to use our BoW interconnect approach as a basis for that organization’s multi-die interconnect standard,” said Patrick Soheili, an Eliyan co-founder and director. “Both UCIe and JEDEC are important enablers for addressing the challenges and leverage the potential of multi-die systems and we believe our expertise and technology, proven in production and developed with openness in mind, can be important assets to drive universal methods to push the chiplet era forward. To further deepen our experience in working within complex industry ecosystems, we are delighted to welcome Kevin and Farhad to the company. They will both be instrumental in creating mutually beneficial solutions for all stakeholders.”

Eliyan’s role in UCIe will include membership on relevant committees and involvement in the continued definition of the standard for connecting multi-chip components that can use different process nodes and components from different supplies in the same package. Similarly, at JEDEC Eliyan will work with the relevant committees and technical groups to address challenges in memory-enabled applications that require efficient and cost-effective interconnect approaches to leverage sophisticated architectures.

About Eliyan’s New Leadership Team Additions

Kevin Donnelly has been named VP of Strategic Marketing, focused on Eliyan’s product strategy and new product planning. Kevin has extensive experience managing the development and licensing of technology solutions, including as VP of the IPBU at Cypress Semiconductor and before that as the GM of the Memory & Interfaces BU at Rambus. 

Farhad Tabrizi joins Eliyan as VP of Alliances and Standards, bringing his deep knowledge of industry standards and extensive industry experience to the organization. As a leader in industry standards, Farhad previously served as Chairman of JC16 and JC42. He co-created the SLDRAM Consortium with Micron and served as the group’s Chairman and President. Prior to joining Eliyan, Farhad was the CEO of Grandis, a memory chip startup, which successfully sold to Samsung. He subsequently joined Samsung as Head of Samsung Memory Technology Lab in USA and was responsible in creating the Samsung System Architecture Lab, with a mission to improve memory performance. Farhad has also held leadership roles in the semiconductor industry as Vice President of Alliances at Lexar Media and Head of Worldwide Marketing at Hynix.

About Eliyan

Eliyan Corporation is leading the chiplet revolution, focusing on a fundamental challenge with scaling semiconductor performance, size, power, and cost to meet the needs of high-performance computing applications, from desktop to datacenter. It has developed a breakthrough method to enable the industry’s highest performing interconnect for homogenous and heterogenous multi-die architectures using standard packaging substrates, enabling increased sustainability through reduction in costs, manufacturing waste and power consumption. The company’s Bunch of Wires (BoW) technique, invented by founder Ramin Farjadrad and proven to increase performance by 2x and reduce power in half in advanced process technologies, provides a more efficient approach to developing chiplet-based architectures - which are the pathway to the continued scaling of Moore’s Law. More information can be found here.

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